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The Altar - Victory Over The Flesh

Pastor Melvin continues this message God has been giving him on the altar! He speaks about how in Exodus Amalek represents the flesh and how we are constantly warring with the flesh.


The Book of Exodus pt.29

This week Pastor Melvin continues to teach on The Book of Exodus. He teaches about how The Spirit and the flesh fight with one another as the Amalekites did with the people of Israel. Enjoy!


The Altar - Removal of the Vail Pt.2

This Sunday Pastor Melvin continues his teaching on The Altar. This week he speaks on how Christ tore the vail between us and The Holy of Holies so that we can come into His presence!


I Want to Be Like My Father pt.2

Pastor Melvin brings a part 2 to "I want to be like my Father". He talks about what it takes for us to continue to walk in the characteristics of our Holy Father.


The Book of Exodus pt.28

This Wednesday Pastor Melvin continues his message on the book of Exodus. He relates how Moses smiting the rock relates to Christ being the Living Water. Enjoy!


Who Are You Becoming

This Sunday Pastor Mechelle ministers on the obedience that God requires from us in order for us to become who He wants us to become! This message is a very locating message!



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